Programme for the 2013/2014 season
Films are screened on the last Friday of the month at 8pm.
Please book. £5 a seat. Refreshments. Films are 16mm. Box office:

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27 September 2013
THE AVIATOR’S WIFE (FRANCE 1981) ERIC ROHMER Rohmer’s charming comedy is based on the proverb: ‘It is impossible to think about nothing.’ A jealous student pursues his girlfriend’s ex through Paris; a 15-year-old girl becomes his ally. A bitter-sweet story, ‘Rohmer in peak form’

  25 October 2013
AMATEUR (USA 1994) HAL HARTLEY A stylish portrait of sex, love and
violence in 90s America, with Isabelle Huppert as the ex-nun turned pornographer who sets out to help an amnesiac crook discover who he really is. ‘Warmth, humour and humanity’
  29 November 2013
FANNY & ALEXANDER (SWEDEN 1982) INGMAR BERGMAN The master looks through a child’s eyes at the subtleties of family life in 1907
Sweden. Bawdy, dark and strange. ‘A magical movie... likely to be the achievement for which Bergman will be most remembered’
  31 January 2014
SHALL WE DANCE? (USA 1937) MARK SANDRICH A dance master (Fred Astaire) and his partner (Ginger Rogers) dance their way out of complications and into romance to glorious Gershwin melodies: ‘They can’t take that away from me’, ‘Let’s call the whole thing off’… A musical ‘full of good things
  28 February 2014
IN THE WHITE CITY (FRANCE 1983) ALAIN TANNER Jumping ship in Lisbon, a Swiss sailor falls in love with the white city and with a local woman. He sends his wife amateur movies of his new life and things start to fall apart. Bruno Ganz is the alienated hero in this intriguing drama
  28 March 2014
L’ATALANTE (FRANCE 1934) JEAN VIGO A tender, surrealist masterpiece about a barge captain (Jean Daste) and his sometimes reluctant bride (Dita Parlo). The skipper’s mate (Michel Simon) adds comedy to the lyrical journey. ‘Brilliantly idiosyncratic and insightful’
  25 April 2014
EXOTICA (CANADA 1994) ATOM EGOYAN Rare egg smuggler (Don McKellar) stumbles across the Exotica club, whose star stripper’s admirers include a suspicious taxman. A mysterious tale, artfully unfolded. Cannes winner; an absurdist tale and psychological thriller
  30 May 2014
MIRROR (RUSSIA 1975) ANDREI TARKOVSKY Memories and dreams interweave with reality in this loosely autobiographical homage to childhood innocence and the destiny of the Russian people. Ranked in the top ten films of
all time by Sight and Sound